Where do I begin? How about the beginning!


Ever since I was 8 years old, I read computer manuals for fun! I loved to learn about new computer systems and how they worked and reading the systems manuals was the way for me to do that. I would follow along using my dad’s PC to see how everything worked. My dad let me work with his PC in his office so I could learn how to use the operating systems, from DOS to Windows 3.1. I was hooked! I loved seeing how these operating systems worked, how I could change settings and see how they would affect the PC. I delved further into games development. I learned about ShareWare. What a concept. If you liked the software and wanted to continue to use it, you would pay the author of the software a fee and would unlock extra features. So I did. I learned scripting languages for the various game engines that allowed the player to interact with the game world. This wasn’t the 3D game world we see nowadays with Counter Strike and other games. This was text adventures and ASCII games. The games I learned to develop with were simple ASCII characters and crude 2D maps built using only ASCII characters. It was wonderful, it was amazing to see my scripts run and play the games in these simple ways. My father also had a database in DOS that he allowed me to manage and maintain at this young age.

Then I went to Disney World at the Innovation Station area in Epcot and discovered Apple Macintosh Performas. I got to see another development environment where you could create your own programs and scripts with Apple. So we got an Apple Macintosh and I was in heaven! I was able to use simple programs to make games and other programs and couldn’t get enough! I purchased a GameMaker program that used Apple’s HyperCard system and was hooked even more! It was amazing how you could piece together a game using cards, hyperlinks and logic to tell an interactive story. Little did I know that this was a precursor to the hyperlinks of the internet! Wow.

All the while of pursuing these developments in technology and scripts, I was homeschooled. This allowed me so much freedom to continue to pursue my systems development adventures and self teach myself various programming languages such as VB, AppleScript, Cocoa, Flash and HTML and JavaScript. It was such a great opportunity.

The rest is history. I graduated college with Information Systems Management Bachelors degree Summa Cum Laude, with an award of academic excellence in the field of Information Systems Management.

A retired IBM executive discovered me during my Senior year of college and immediately offered me a job working as Vice President of Operations in his startup. I was able to work from home, long distance helping him build his business and e-commerce websites right out of the gate. I worked with him for a whole year gaining great experience through his advice and mentorship. After that, I pursued a career working in the public sector entry level and four years later achieving senior Team lead level at Clark County, leading and completing many enterprise federal projects and working with vendors and customers at all levels of the organization.

A recruiter stumbled across a resume I had posted on Monster 5 years ago while at a senior position at the County and I was able to transition to a system admin role in BizTalk and Build Master at a prestigious bank in Los Angeles in one of the premier teams supporting a product that drives millions in revenue for the company. It was then that I was challenged above and beyond to grow to the architect level as this product was an enterprise wide integration SOA platform which integrated into all the backend bank systems for processing and messaging